Glazed and Amused is Bemidji’s Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio.

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Cheaper than therapy!

We are located in the heart of beautiful downtown Bemidji, Minnesota, just steps away from our iconic “Paul & Babe” statues.  We have coined the phrase, “Cheaper than therapy”, because at Glazed and Amused, can relax by yourself or enjoy time with family and friends.

We encourage you to come on in and check out our large selection of bisqueware. We make the majority of pieces you find here, so don’t be afraid to ask if there is more than one available. We offer two painting options, acrylic and glaze. Even if you think that you are “artistically challenged” just bring your imagination to our local studio and let us help you to create your own unique art.

How does it work?

Come on in and choose one of our handmade pieces. 90% of the bisque pieces you’ll see were made in-store from the clay to the first firing to the final firing after you paint it.

Paints There’s hundreds of paints and tools to choose from. You can choose acrylic paints and take your piece home with you today. But, be careful not to get the acrylic paint on your clothes or you’ll have an everlasting memory of your day. You piece won’t be washable and you won’t be able to eat out of it, but you will find some spectacular paints including glitter and metallics.

You can use traditional pottery glazes and many great tools and techniques to create a ceramic piece that is functional and should be treated as you would treat a fine piece of china. After you add your special touches, we’ll dip your piece in a clear glaze and fire it for you. You can pick it up in 3 to 5 days or we can ship it to you for a small fee. None of our paints (acrylic or glaze) have lead in them.

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